Project Management

After buying a house in Spain, many people decide that they would like to make some form of home improvement such as adding a swimming pool or installing a new heating system. Others invest in older properties with the intention to reform. Others still decide to buy land and build from the ground up.

All of these projects can be stimulating, given you have free time available, and if you get it right it’s certainly a satisfying accomplishment. The problem is that getting it right is where many people come ‘unstuck’. Common sense says when you embark on a course involving investment of substantial sums of money; a certain amount of serious thought must go into it – especially when it’s in a foreign country. It is surprising how many people leave their common sense at home when they come to Spain. That said, if you have the time, the patience and fully understand the meaning of the Mañana syndrome then there is no reason why your project cannot run smoothly and successfully.

For those who want a helping hand, then Parasol’s project management service may be of interest to you. We can get involved in a variety of levels from simply providing you with competitive quotations, right through to managing the project in its entirety. Our aim being to be as flexible as possible allowing you to be involved to a level which suits you best, be that full time, part time, or not at all.

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