Parasol Maintenance Package

Whatever and wherever your home is, the requirements for making sure that your investment is protected and up kept will be the same. At Parasol we provide the following services in order to achieve that.

A Parasol Maintenance visit will consist of:


  • Visiting property monthly (or otherwise agreed time period)
  • Visiting the property immediately after storms or in the event of flooding


  • A thorough check of the property looking for wear and tear, damages, signs of forced entry and any other faults or defects
  • Gardens and patios will be hosed and cleared of major debris
  • Leaves and other flotsam will be removed from the pool


  • Checking that the property is generally clean and, tidy
  • Checking all fixtures and furnishings, noting any exceptional wear and tear
  • Testing all electrical appliances (TV, kettle, refrigerators, light bulbs, etc)
  • Checking all utilities - gas, electricity, water, security systems
  • Checking the kitchen and bathroom appliances
  • Check that any security equipment is functional
  • Watering the plants
  • Checking the home contents versus the inventory
  • Check for vermin
  • A thorough airing of the home

Other Considerations

If, you require us to buy any replacement items or perhaps to organise or manage any specialist repairs, this will naturally incur an additional charge.

Our process for this kind of activity would be to inform you via telephone or monthly report if any problems have arisen and under your instruction obtain quotes and timings on your behalf.

We also provide many additional services such as gardening, pool maintenance and other specialist services which can be found in more detail here